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Our mission has been focusing on becoming a sustainable brand. Our new concept is focused on less waste with a more minimal mindset on fashion and consumerism. We do not believe in fast-fashion and mass-producing therefor we have made sure that our swimwear is top quality to be an essential part of our customers wardrobe that is able to be worn over many years. Each Miesis Swimwear piece is made to last a long time and durable for all adventures.
  • Our factory only produces small batches at a time. Miesis is not a mass-producing brand, just a small independent business supporting local businesses and producing small quantities at a time.
  • Each swimwear piece after production and quality control is packaged in our own compostable bags.
  • We make sure to make as little waste as possible with our fabric and all cut-offs will try to be used and recycled.
  • All orders are shipped in 100% Eco-friendly Compostable satchels.
  • All hang tags are made from recycled paper.